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Welcome to my NEW blog!

By Hanna Niven April 9, 2014 9:51:00 AM UTC

So it was an 'inside' sort of weekend here at Rose Cottage. But still a lovely one!!

I'd had a very busy week and you know when you feel so sleepy tired you can almost feel it in your bones? Well that was me........... so I really chilled out, slept in a little longer than normal (but I just can't lie in!!!) and ate good home cooked food; 'no knead bread' that I flavoured with sundried tomatoes, the recipe is over at Attic24 and Spring Green and Butter Bean soup (seriously yummy by the way - if you fancy a go I'll be writing another post about it)

I am also now the owner of a wonderful new collection of buttons - I just LOVE buttons!! I was out shopping on Saturday with my aunt and saw these wonderful packs of buttons, I just loved every colour combination and just couldn't decide so I splurged and bought all three - ops!!! Once home I decided the only way the sun was going to shine was if I made one out of buttons so that's exactly what I did!!

Though the sun was awol most of the weekend it almost felt like it was shining as I wandered about the golden rape fields with really is beautiful out there right now - though a tad squelchy under foot! She just loves running through the crop - naughty I know, sorry Mr farmer!! - her flapping ears the only things visible. I think it was Friday when she was sniffing her way around a field, happily minding her own business and suddenly a deer that had been minding his own business too suddenly sprang up out of the rape about 2 meters from where we were standing and shot off across the field. I don't know who jumped the highest - the deer, Muxu or me!!!! Was lovely to watch it prance off across the field - with Muxu vainly in pursuit I might add but she gives up after about 5 seconds as there's no chance she'll ever catch up with one of them!

So what did you get up to? I hope you all had lovely weekends too!!! Yes I'm aware I've been very naughty and that it's Wednesday already, Monday and Tuesday sneaked past waaaay to quickly - cheeky cheeky!!

Oooooh I was also crocheting up a new idea in Sunday morning............have you seen the Owl and Pussy-cat over on my Facebook page yet!!? Pop over and have a snoop :) xx

By Hanna Niven March 31, 2014 8:50:00 AM UTC

Blooming heck how quickly did that weekend go!!!?

Had such a happy and busy one though (hope you did too!).......full of crochet classes, writing crochet tutorials (tis waaay harder than you think!), gardening and first lawn cut of the year (should probably have done it earlier but hey ho didn't happen!), yummy breakfast munching (good me!) followed by serious brownie consumption and beer in pub gardens (very naughty me!).

Scrolling through the pictures on my phone earlier I can't believe how many flower ones there are - I'm just loving how nature is literally growing before our eyes at the moment - though it's still rather squelchy under foot in the old wellies!

The bottom right picture were flowers the were rather squished after some repositioning of large wooden planks in the garden - I just couldn't throw them away. They might be a bit battered but there's still a few days of 'pretty' in them!! This vase is one of my most favourite ones as I helped make it, well my huffing and puffing did, all the technical bits were done by someone else, naturally it's in turquoise - you might spot a theme on here - I'm kinda in love with that colour!

Happy Mondays xx

By Hanna Niven March 30, 2014 1:21:00 PM UTC

Yesterday I taught, in conjunction with Revival Creations, a crochet class on how to make flowers in the beeeeautiful Thomas Oken Tea Rooms - they're basically in the shadows of the castle and so worth a visit if ever you're in town. We munched on lovely cakes and brownies to die for, sipped tea from gorgeous cups - oh and did a bit of hooking in between!

It was such a lovely morning and I was so pleased when everyone went home with finished flowers in their hands and smiles on their faces.

As I promised below is a link to the tutorial of what we did yesterday. It's over on my Facebook page as after making it into a PDF file I realised I can't actually upload PDFs to this blog - argh. If you would however like a copy of the PDF just email me and I'll send it to you.

By Hanna Niven March 27, 2014 10:39:00 AM UTC

Do you ever have those love/hate relationships with computers?

Sometimes it feels like my laptop is like an IV, following me round the house as if my life depended on it. Sometimes that's OK but at other times - like these past couple of weeks - I've needed a break from the screen, a little detox if you will.

I've had lots of orders to work on and have been happily chugging along behind the scenes on those, plus come up with some groovy new ideas.

Promise my silence isn't because I'm doing nothing........I've just needed a 'refuel'!

Will be posting up some new bits very soon!

Also you can now leave comments on my blog so if you should wish to comment please do comment away :) xx

By Hanna Niven March 10, 2014 5:45:00 PM UTC

Wow what a weekend!!

We have family over from France at the moment and so have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather, long walks (still in wellies of course!) and pub lunches (without wellies in case you were wondering!). Oxford has treated us very well too and I just LOVED the tour around the Bodleian Library, drooling at all the beautiful old books and buildings steeped in history. It's such a lovely city!

I've impressed myself with my natterings in French but my brain is feeling a little tired this evening - I must be in need of a glass of vin rouge :)

Anyhoo this was just a quick 'pit -stop' to say hello and hope you've had fabulous weekends too wherever you are in the world. Will be back soon with Part 4 of my '10 things about me - would be silly not to take advantage of the fact my studio is tidy due to having guests! x

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