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My love affair with crochet began about five years ago when I stumbled across a little sewing shop in Cumbria and bought a hook. That evening I rummaged through my mum's old wool bag, hopped on the sofa and began making chains, line after line of very wobbly chains. Jump forward and I can honestly that say there's rarely I don't yarn in my hands.


It’s hard to describe the pleasure of watching a creation come to life (conversely it's rather easy to explain the frustration when you’ve got to pull it apart and start again!).  I began using patterns from the internet and from the

beautiful and inspirational books you can buy these days, but in the last few years I decided to take the leap and create patterns for myself. Check out my Facebook page for some FREE patterns.    


Inspiration strikes at the strangest of times; half way through a walk perhaps so that Muxu and I have to dash home before the idea disappears, most recently chicken inspiration struck whilst lying in a tent waiting out a really nasty storm on my super duper trip to the ice fields of Patagonia (I like wacky holidays!) - thank god I brought a pen!

To see more images click on the ‘Gallery’ and if you think ‘oooooh I’d rather like one of those,’ they are all available, made to order, in my shop.


The more personal the better! I'm open to any ideas you might have how ever wacky they might be (remember I like wacky!!). Perhaps you like the little owl above but have fabric that means something special to you, I can use that instead. A popular idea has been to use fabric from a baby's first items of clothing on one of the bird or fish mobiles - see the 'Crochet Gallery' for examples.


I'm always on the lookout for new places to display my work, if you know someone who works in either a gallery or a shop, or perhaps you own one yourself it would be lovely to hear from you. If you live locally to me and are interested in crochet classes please do get in touch, it's such a fun thing to do!


Right I think that's enough from me............


I’m off crocheting! xx

... a rainbow row of crochet fishes