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When I say I'm a watercolour artist people usually have an idea of what 'watercolour' is and then when I show them one of my paintings they more often than not say 'oh I didn't expect that!'


I think perhaps it's down to the way I use the paint, for though I studied art until A-Level (or GNVQ in my case) I've continued on my own and use paint in a way that, to

                          me, flows naturally and feels comfortable. My paintings can be very bold in colour and

sometimes a painting will contain many layers which is quite unusual with watercolour. Though this multi-layered approach is quite normal for me I will admit at times that it can be a little daunting going in with a wet paintbrush for a second wash! 


I started as many artist do, painting images for friends and family and then decided a number of years ago to take a step/leap (gulp!!) and branch out into selling my work.  I now work mainly on 'comissions' for clients, either in the form of paintings or wedding stationery, which I also produce and print myself. The range of subjects I've had the opportunity to paint over the years is just fantastic!

starts to grow in my mind, throughout the solitary but very happy hours of painting, until the moment I can stand back and watch people

interact with the finished item of work hanging on a wall. To see someone smile in response to something I've created is quite simply a wonderful feeling!